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Red = 1

Primal Force

Reds formed the fiery cauldron from which all matter cooled and formed.

Red is the blush of our cheeks and the bloody wounds of battle.

Red is love, health, courage, power, and desire.

Red warns us of danger and shows our rage, but also represents our passion.

Either way, red is about initiative. It is the primal force.

Red is about movement, courage, and action.

Whether through loving acts, protest flags, or fire engines … red captures our attention.

Rooted in Red

Red is one of the three primary colors. It was the first color besides black and white used by prehistoric artists to paint cave walls.

Red is the color of the root chakra. At its best, it is the symbol of strength and vitality. Red grounds you and makes you feel secure and stable. At its worst, it is lustful and immoral leaving behind all virtue.

The Scarlet Letter

In the Catholic church, red became associated with the blood of Christ. And also equated with the clergy and aristocracy.

In the book, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, a red “A” symbolized the shame of adultery. But also showed over time, the process of being “able” and having perseverance.

Queen of England, Elizabeth I, ordered the execution of her cousin Mary Queen of Scots for treason. It's said Mary wore a crimson colored underdress as a symbol of martyrdom. But the controversy of Mary's life also made her an archetypal “scarlet” woman.

“Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.
Let’s sway. Under the moonlight, this serious moonlight.”
—“Let’s Dance,” by David Bowie

Soul Colors and Red = 1

Red (1) is about initiation and forward motion. It symbolizes the original impulse or primary force in creation. We must add the number 1 to get any other number.

Without it, there would be nothing else.

So red or the number 1, is the crucial first step for manifesting all things new.

No color comes close to the statement of red. Red is bold and provocative. Whether a red gown, red lips, or ruby red slippers, red holds power.

Red, loaded with symbology, often of disparate meanings, above all, represents LIFE.

How does red or lack of red in your Soul Colors offer life clues? Where might you to take the lead, claim your power, or make that crucial first step? Or where could you use more patience and gentleness?

Soul Colors with a Life Path 1, red background.

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