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Black = 9

Back in Black

Black is the great attractor. It is the darkest color (shade) because of the complete absorption of all other visible light on the spectrum.

Black, therefore, is a symbol of immense power as it gives nothing back.

It is deep, dark, and full of mystery. Like black holes in space, nothing can escape its gravitational pull.

Black can represent evil, death, and our deepest fears.

But it is also the most sophisticated color. Seduced by its air of authority and mystery, we love how it can make us feel.

Black reminds us of our most hidden emotions, our inner space.

It is as deep and unknown as the depths of the ocean.

It conjures notions of the void from which we enter and exit this existence.


Number 9, number 9, number 9 …

9 is the symbol of completion and fulfillment. It is the highest single digit in the decimal system.

9 is a magic number because the sum of the digits of the multiples of nine is always 9.

It aligns with the eternal knot (or endless knot) from India. The knot appears to have no beginning or end and weaves in and out of itself in a single line.

Black 9 is akin to the ouroboros, the snake devouring its tail. It is the completion of the circle, which is empty and also contains everything.

9 is the end of one cycle and the start of the next.

Famous Life Path 9's

Mother Teresa, Malala Yousafzai, Yoko Ono, Jim Carrey, Bill Murray, Morgan Freeman, Prince, Elvis Presley, Mahatma Gandhi, Robert Redford, Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, Paramahansa Yogananda, Robin Williams, Spike Lee, and Harrison Ford.

Soul Colors and Black = 9

Life Path 9 is compassionate and has a huge heart.

9 loves humanity and believes in justice, tolerance, and equality for all.

9’s are old souls.

They are worldly and sophisticated and have impeccable taste and a graceful air.

Life Path 9 has a natural spirituality and loves philosophical discussion.

They tend to be imaginative and artistic and enjoy being around like-minded individuals.

Idealistic, they can want something a particular way to the extent they do not see reality. Their need to see only the good in others can get them into trouble.

9’s must learn to be discerning and not let frustration with the world block out the light of truth. The feeling of disillusionment can be debilitating. That could cause a fall into depression, a dark abyss.

How does black (9) show up in your Soul Colors?

Are you idealistic? Are you being realistic in your expectations of others?

If a Life Path 9 begins to feel intolerant and disillusioned, they must remember to be the change they wish to see. Because with all their talent and generosity - the world is a much better place.

Soul Colors with Life Path 9, black.

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