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Conscious Painting + Space-time Headset

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

World of Illusion

For centuries Eastern religions have defined the reality we perceive as illusory. This notion always resonated with me and as each year passes feels truer. The world actually seems more surreal and even hyperreal at times.

The idea being that underneath or beyond what we perceive, a truer reality exists. That reality has many names. Common ones of course are source, god, brahman, and my fav, consciousness. To me, it is that from which everything emanates.

The Upanishads describe the universe, and the human experience, as an interplay of Purusha (the eternal, unchanging principles, consciousness) and Prakṛti (the temporary, changing material world, nature). The former manifests itself as Ātman (Soul, Self), and the latter as Māyā. The Upanishads refer to the knowledge of Atman as "true knowledge" (Vidya), and the knowledge of Maya as "not true knowledge" (Avidya, Nescience, lack of awareness, lack of true knowledge). - source

Wave Particle Duality

More and more scientists use these same concepts to understand our world. That their opinions form through verifiable experiments and math makes it more exciting. While Newtonian physics gave us so much, quantum physics takes us to much deeper realms.

For example, in quantum computing qubits stay in superposition of probabilities, until observed. Once observed, a qubit collapses into one of two positions. Like in the double slit experiment a photon will become a wave OR a particle once observed. But before that, is both a particle and a wave.

It’s known as the wave particle duality of quantum mechanics. We find the act of observing or measuring a quantum system has a profound effect on the system itself.

Conscious Painting

In a weird way, this quantum phenomena reminds me of the painting process.

When I work on abstract paintings I find the best outcomes are when I do not stop to question. Or worse, analyze the process (like the observer effect in quantum systems).

It’s as if you are part of an energy flow when painting and allowing. Of course, there are many micro decisions on color, light, texture etc.. you make along the way and remain in the flow.

But if you doubt and step out to question it, the energy flow collapses. And though sometimes you can jump right back in, more often the painting stalls. Then you’ve gotta wait and hope a new surge of energy pulls you back into the flow.

Space-time Headset

Dr. Donald Hoffman likens us to being conscious agents in our own virtual reality. Space-time acts as our headset and is how we interface with the true reality or consciousness.

“…the brain is just my little user interface symbol for the interactions of other conscious agents that are influencing my own choices. The brain doesn’t do it. The brain is just my headset symbol dumbing down all the choices of all these other agents into a format that I can see.” ~ Donald Hoffman, PhD

My favorite non duality teacher, Rupert Spira tells us. “There aren’t two essential ingredients in experience, mind and matter. There is only one seamless whole.”

In the Holy Bible, Luke 17:20–21, Jesus says, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation. Nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Final Musings

My paintings whether portraits or abstracts are in a way, all self portraits. Because we are in fact part of a whole self, fractals in one mind.

I’m always updating my thoughts on art and my process. It’s of great interest to me how the observer (viewer) will later become the subject of my paintings. The moment they glimpse something familiar, something recognizable, they then become the subject.

Now that’s some space-time bending if you ask me!

- Kim


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