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Art Mimics Life

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I continue to work on art and dive deeper into its meaning. I notice the correlation between painting and an uncovering of what's hidden. The proverbial seeking of truth and need to encounter more of who I AM, who WE ARE, propel me.

A blank canvas stares back when I stand, sit, or squat down to begin a new painting. Diving in, work begins with a stroke, a line, or a pour, and I set out on a journey. The paint builds up, and a mirage appears, then takes shape. Finally, it manifests into an oasis that is not imaginary but tangible and actual.

Entangled, 30x40 inches. Acrylic on canvas. Arrived safely to its new owner in Germany.

The act of painting, for me, in many ways, mimics life. We make choices that cause and effect where we find ourselves. When painting, I am in a continuous process of choice-making. But like in life, some paths are smooth, and others are challenging. Some movements are free-flowing, and others are labored. A finished work of art is an amalgamation of materialized conscious and unconscious choices.

Art is, in fact, a kind of microcosm - like a day in a lifetime. It is a journey within a journey that I am grateful to be on!

Pop3, 36x48 inches. Acrylic on canvas. Pop 2 and Pop 3, both original paintings are going to the offices in Dallas.

I’m participating in The Other Art Fair in Dallas. October 20-23. If you happen to be in town, please stop by! Dallas Market Hall. Booth #41.

Warm wishes,



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