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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I’m here in Mexico with my daughter. We are visiting family and friends and feeling fortunate to be here in these uncertain times.

We also visited friends on the Pacific coast where life continues on. All appears the same as before, during, and now after the height of the pandemic. They grow their own food, raise chickens for eggs, and have their meditation practices. It's a beautiful life they lead with their lucky dogs and cats featured high in the mix.

They also happen to be fantastically creative and have created a gorgeous home.

Ocean's Gifts

The ocean is a fountain of creativity and washes in treasures on a regular basis. Parts of trees smoothed over by thrashing waves inspire. One friend installs beach-found treasures as sculptures around the property.

Actually, the found art / conceptual artist of my generation, Damien Hirst has a compound just down the beach. I remember seeing his formaldehyde preserved, sliced bovine in the 1990’s. The intense impact of those pieces remains with me. Whether vegetarian or not those pieces made you think (and/or possibly retch!).

All Art is Found Art

It got me thinking that all art is found art. There is that sense of discovery or finding something in all art which is what we love about it.

Whether it’s driftwood the ocean gifts, a child's drawing or the Mona Lisa there is potential for connection.

And all art is found art not due to any intent by the creator but rather in what the viewer sees. When the viewer connects to art they find part of themselves.

Nature gives us so many opportunities to find ourselves. All the sacred geometry in the shells, palms, and crashing waves of the Pacific brought a lot of peace this trip.

A ever present reminder of the immense power of nature and our interconnection with it.

- Kim


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