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Orange = 2

The All-Knowing

The big orange sun shines its warm light without judgement. Its orange glow forever mysterious and all-knowing

Orange is strong, warm, creative, and cooperative.

Orange shows excitement, enthusiasm, and expression.

At its best, orange is intuitive and energetic and at its worst, garish and odd.

But for the most part, orange is generous like the sun that never asks for anything in return.

Orange is stimulating.

The Sacrum

Orange is the color of the second chakra or sacral chakra. It is the source of our creativity and the center of our sexuality.

Orange keeps us in balance and in touch with our emotions. The sacral chakra is the center from which our feelings bloom and blossom.

If you feel down, fearful, or in despair … orange can inspire and wake your sensuality.

The Harvest

Orange pervades in the fall with ripe pumpkins and changing leaves.

In the 1500’s, orange was finally named a color in English, inspired by the lovely fruit.

“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.”

― Wassily Kandinsky

Soul Colors and Orange = 2

The number 2 symbolizes balance and harmony. 2 is all about coexistence.

2 is in a natural state of cooperation.

An orange (2) nurtures, and gives and seeks love. It is the brilliant mediator in relationships for which life revolves around.

The color orange took ages for recognition in its own right. So too the number 2 often acts as the power behind the scenes.

Orange (2) knows nothing of life without others. Orange could not exist without red and yellow.

How does orange in your Soul Colors offer clues about you?

Where might you be depleting your energy, over giving, or ignoring your own needs? Could your heightened sensitivity be overstimulating?

Soul Colors with Life Path 2, orange background.

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