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2023 | acrylic on canvas | 20x20 inches


In a realm where dreams and art entwine, There lies a vision, oh so divine, Upon a canvas, a world takes flight, A painting born from pure delight.

A pagoda dreams amidst the mist, Its spires rising, softly kissed, By hues that dance with twilight's grace, A tranquil scene, a sacred place.

The stork, a symbol of ancient lore, In elegance, it does explore, With wings outstretched, it soars on high, In search of dreams that touch the sky.

A symphony of colors blend, As day and night begin to mend, A tapestry of shades cascades, In twilight's glow, a serenade.

Beneath the pagoda's gentle gaze, A pond reflects a lunar phase, With water rippling, calm and still, Time's passage captured, tranquil thrill.

Cherry blossoms softly fall, Like perfumed snowflakes, they enthrall, With fragrant whispers in the breeze, A moment captured, hearts appease.

The artist's hand, a magic wand, Creates a world so rich and grand, With every stroke and every hue, A masterpiece, both old and new.

In "Dream Pagoda Stork," we find, A portal to the soul's unwind, A glimpse of dreams that intertwine, In this enchanted realm, divine.


- Poem by ChatGPT

Dream Pagoda Stork

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