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Gen Xer Artist Confession

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I've got to admit, art marketing and self promotion are not my strong suit. But these are new times and Instagram is the new, giant art marketplace. There is real opportunity for an individual artist to make an excellent living from their art ~ with or without a gallery. So, open I AM! I'm from the Gen X generation. We’re quite a motley crew of folks with a disparate range of socio-political opinions. In the end we are in fact, a very tolerant bunch. Even though we hold strong personal opinions and can often seem aloof. The truth is tolerance and inclusivity are intrinsic to our nature. Such qualities are not so much the way of say Twitter or TikTok! People come out bold and swinging. Promoting their strong opinions or strong bodies without hesitation. While I know not all Gen X people feel like I do, the way The Fourth Turning book describes us does ring true. (The book came out in 1997 and seems very relevant in the times we're living in). To sum up The Fourth Turning Gen X, in my view... we "latchkey" kids have mad life skills! We are living in tumultuous times and there will be more ahead. But, the silver lining could be the spotlight shown on our amazing interconnectivity. As certain global heads butt, cooler and calmer heads will prevail. As the last of Gen X turns 40 this year, they will step into more roles of authority. Could be a most excellent time to put those mad life skills to greater use (if we haven't already!). As someone who often stays quiet to avoid confrontation the time seems right to share. To put myself "out there". Let’s see where it goes and flows as I focus my time and energy on making art and sharing about the process. Thanks for being a part!


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